Office Furniture made in north america

Made in North America: Why Quality Office Furniture Makes a Difference

December 8th, 2023

In an economy where it seems that nearly everything is imported from overseas, there’s been a rising movement in recent years championing the return to locally produced products. The call for local products has become increasingly strong when it comes to furnishings, and Alberta Office Furniture has answered that call by providing a vast selection of quality office furniture and office walls made right here at home in North America.

Here’s why purchasing North American-made office furniture makes a difference.

Craftsmanship That Stands Out

North American furniture has a rich history of quality craftsmanship. It’s a tradition that dates back centuries and carries on today, combining time-honoured techniques with innovative technology to produce pieces that stand out. Investing in North American office furniture is a great way to enhance your space with pieces that carry a story of excellence.

Durability That Lasts

Quality goes beyond the aesthetic of a piece, extending to durability and longevity. Domestic manufacturers often hold themselves to a higher standard, using premium materials to build office walls and furniture that can withstand frequent use. For you, that equates to less frequent replacement and less worry about wear and tear.

Innovative Techniques

North American office furniture makers are often at the cutting edge in terms of environmental friendliness and ergonomics. Whether you need a desk chair that improves posture or a standing desk to promote employee health, the pieces made in North America are about more than just comfort and beauty.

Sustainability in Action

Purchasing furniture that’s manufactured overseas comes at a steep environmental cost. From forestry to transportation, furniture purchased internationally has an impact on the planet. Often, other countries may not follow the same environmental regulations when sourcing materials and manufacturing items.

When purchasing items that are made in North America, you’re supporting more sustainable practices by eliminating the need for long-distance transportation and ensuring that the manufacturer is subject to strict environmental regulations such as sustainable forestry and reduced emissions in production.

Growing the Local Economy

When you spend money on North American furniture, you’re supporting the Canadian and U.S. economies instead of funnelling money overseas. That means supporting local jobs, local innovation, and local communities.

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