Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our products, installation, space planning & design, pricing, and delivery. If you can’t find the answer here… Contact us today!

We know you’re busy. As such, our in-store pickup procedures involve careful planning to ensure that the pickup coincides with your schedule. We work alongside you to find a date and time that best suits your availability. Moreover, we exercise extreme care and forethought when handling your order while preparing it for your arrival.

We are open Monday – Friday between 8:30am and 5pm, by appointments only.

We design, furnish, and find office solutions for a myriad of businesses across Alberta. Our main objective is to find the best solutions for your company with products & payment plans that fit your needs and budget. Be sure to inquire about packaged pricing and leasing options today!

Yes. We offer demountable office walls and dividers that are easy to setup and great for providing privacy to any office space.

Simply refer to our contact us page, and fill out the “How can we help” section with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a warranty claim.

To learn more about warranties and other assurances, get in contact with us today for additional information.

Returns are based on stock product in original packaging

Assembly instructions are in each individual item sold.

Yes. By determining your budget, reviewing the products you are interested in, and requesting a quote on the product page beforehand, you can procure your order for a quick and speedy pickup.

An office desk is a simple design that features a table or frame for working, writing or reading. There are all kinds of office desk variations of sizes, shapes and configurations.

Check out our selection of office desks available.

There are several factors you want to consider when it comes to buying an office desk:

  • Available space
  • Adjustability
  • Storage
  • Quality
  • Surface area

The size of your office space and your type of work help you determine the size of the desk to choose.

Measure the size of your office to determine how large of a desk you need and how much space it will take up. It’s also essential to ensure it will fit in your doorways and stairwells if it is for a home office.

All you need is a standard tape measure to measure the desk’s size and the space available to ensure it will fit. Follow the directions on which desk dimensions correlate with the desk’s width, depth, and height.

A desk at least 1200 x 800mm should accommodate two flat-screen computer monitors.

Yes. Using a desk that is too low can cause the user to have back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand discomfort.

Also yes. Users can experience shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand discomfort if the desk is too high.

Corner desks are efficient when utilizing spaces in a small or home office. These desks give you room to move around while offering plenty of space to work effectively.

L-shaped desks can also help maximize your office or home workspace. It offers long-term versatility and durability and can be worth the extra investment.

Standing desks are efficient when you want to change postures while working. If you wish to stand, sit, or even perch at a stool-height counter, it is an ideal option for someone who wants to get up and easily switch postures while working at the desk.

Check out our selection of office desks here.

We have worked with a multitude of businesses in many different industries. Companies from the educational field, energy sector, corporate environment, and much more, have all come to Alberta Office Furniture for their office and workplace furnishing needs.

We will work alongside you to determine what you want out of your office space. We then work to cultivate and construct your desired workplace by following your careful design process and blueprint.

We have worked with many businesses in need of a large amount of office furniture and office space walls or dividers. As such, reach out to our team for a free consultation to discuss the custom solution needed for your space.

We do not do any price matching. However, at Alberta Office Furniture, we work with you to find an economically-friendly solution that is customized to your business and prioritizes your bottom line.

Your office space dimensions can be tabulated by simply measuring the length and width of the walls of your workplace. You then multiply both the length and width dimensions to procure the square footage of your office.

Typically, you can expect to wait a week for your order to arrive. However, this can be shorter or longer depending on the size of your order as well as the location of your business. And the same principle applies to the installation of your delivery as well. A bigger order may take longer to set up relative to a smaller one, and might also take longer to arrive at your place of operations.

The process is a simple procedure. It begins with your order, followed by the scheduled delivery date. This is then followed by the pickup from our warehouse, where the shipment will be delivered directly to your business address.

We provide our services to whoever needs them across Alberta. And depending on the order size – across Canada.

Our office move process involves a highly skilled and experienced crew of commercial movers. These servicemen carefully handle your office furniture and possessions; delicately disassembling everything, transferring it via a moving truck, and then carefully re-installing every piece of furniture in the new location.