Expand your options & create your ideal space now with affordable and convenient leasing solutions

Design an office space that encourages productivity and efficiency with affordable office furniture and flexible financing options. Whether you require demountable walls to develop your space, ergonomic office furniture, or high-end seating for clients, you can access the office furniture you need now without breaking the bank.

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Prime Capital & Alberta Office Furniture

Whether you’re expanding your business, replacing older assets, or upgrading to newer technology, leasing puts your equipment to work without constraining your finances. Stay cash-rich for other obligations and take advantage of what a leasing solution can do for you. We understand that every business is unique, and our goal is to provide you with financing options that align perfectly with your needs.


The Advantages of a Flexible Lending Plan

Regardless of your budget, there can be several advantages to purchasing your office furniture with a flexible lending plan. Some of these benefits include:

  • Acquire the equipment you need not the one that your cash on hand allows for
  • Tax advantages by having payments structured as an operational expense
  • Keep cash on hand for any time sensitive needs or unforeseen circumstances in the future
  • Remain flexible with your decisions as leasing agreements do not require a general security against your business
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What types of office furniture can I lease?

When it comes to office furniture leasing, the sky is the limit. Work with our space planning experts to select furniture, demountable walls, and systems or workstations that make sense for you and we’ll help you access the financing you need to make it happen.

Demountable Walls

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Transform your workspace without renovating. Use these modular partitions to design a flexible office space that meets the dynamic needs of your work environment.

Systems & Workstations

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Improve team collaboration with systems and workstations designed to foster an adaptable, efficient office layout perfectly suited to your workflow’s ever-changing demands.

Office Desks

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Our office desks are the perfect blend of style and functionality. We offer sleek designs and practical features to enhance your work experience and bring sophistication to your workspace.

Office Seating

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Add comfort and elegance to client waiting rooms and employee lounge areas with our high-end office seating, featuring a blend of luxurious aesthetics and ergonomic excellence.

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Save more with packaged pricing

With our packaged pricing options, you can unlock greater value and optimize larger workspaces. You’ll also benefit from discounts on premium office furniture and gain access to our expert space planning team. Our professionals are committed to helping you ensure that your office layout supports productivity and harmony while maximizing your budget.