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Office Ergonomics & Accessories

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Office Ergonomics & Accessories

Office accessories to ensure your workday is comfortable, safe, and efficient.

Whether you need a single monitor arm, height-adjustable workstation, keyboard trays, wire management snake, or anything in between, our large inventory of office furniture and accessories is sure to provide you with all that you need. We have a broad selection of office accessories available, ranging from simple tools to add an element of organization to your workspace to minor adjustments that ensure you can work without the risk of strain or injury. Browse our selection of chalkboards and dry-erase boards, desk organization tools, and ergonomic accessories and start working smarter today.

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Enhance comfort and boost productivity with proper ergonomics

Ergonomics is an important part of building team morale and ensuring safety on the job. The right workstation setup can prevent repetitive strain injuries, fatigue, and discomfort, as well as improve productivity. By providing comfortable seating and ergonomic desks, keyboards, and other office furniture and accessories, you can ensure your team is working comfortably and, ultimately, more efficiently.

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Free Ergonomic Assessments

At Alberta Office Furniture, we work with licensed ergonomists to provide free ergonomic assessments. We can assess your current space and make recommendations that are personalized to your staff’s individual concerns. Trust our team to assess your work environment and provide your team with a happier, more comfortable, and more productive work environment today.
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