Four Tips for Choosing the Right Office Desks for Your Workspace

February 1st, 2023

Choosing the perfect office desk for your workspace is essential for maximizing productivity, efficiency, and comfortability. It is also important to match the right aesthetic with the rest of your space because, let’s face it, a purple desk in an all-burgundy office is highly distracting!

But how do you choose the right one when many office desks are available? Alberta Office Furniture is here to provide you with four tips to help you purchase a suitable office desk.

Height & Size

When choosing office desks, height, including size dimensions from width, length and depth, is essential.

Size – This right one will vary depending on your office space. If the desk is too big, then you limit being able to add other furniture to your office. On the other hand, your work area is compromised if it is too small.
Height – If the office desk is too short or high, it can cause neck issues. Wrist problems if you are not typing on the right level and your wrist cannot rest on your keyboard. Alberta Office Furniture stocks fixed and adjustable height desk models!


Some office desk models use cheaper materials and could be better crafted. While this model may last you a year or two, you want to choose the kind that will last a lifetime, making the durable option cost-efficient!
Avoid office desks that use plastic materials. Materials such as mahogany, maple, or authentic hardwood protect your desk from overtime wear and tear.

Appropriate Office Décor

A consistent and cohesive décor is just as important as the tips above. If the office desk does not match the rest of the furniture in your space, it can be irritating to the eye and impact productivity!

It may also show a lack of professionalism to a visitor. You want your clients, customers, and co-workers to know you are about quality over quantity or convenience. This can be a significant factor in the overall brand image.

The Perfect Chair to Match!

Choosing the right office chair for your office desk is just as important! You will experience discomfort if the chair is too stiff or soft and lacks flexibility or durability.

Alberta Office Furniture also carries a large selection of office chairs.

We have all kinds of office desk variations to meet your needs. And with a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and configurations available, there’s no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for to meet the needs of your office space layout.