Wall-Tek Demountable Walls offer the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Demountable office walls, also known as modular walls, are removable partitions that can be dismantled and moved to other locations without producing any wasteful materials. Moreover, this process can be accomplished in a few hours’ time, which gives your company full flexibility to grow, expand, and adapt.

Additionally, these movable architectural walls provide two chief advantages: Number one, they dramatically lower the cost – in both time and money – to make adjustments to the arrangement of your workplace. And number two, they allow you to efficiently utilize your office space.



Glass demountable walls are most commonly utilized in commercial settings such as hospitals, medical centres, offices, etc. These locally sourced material are versatile, durable, easy to install and has a pristine appearance.


Design your glass demountable walls with an array of panel options. Alberta Office Furniture offers design options from laminate, whiteboard or glazed finish. These high-quality Wall-Tek products are the perfect balance between functionality and design.



There are a myriad of benefits that are provided by demountable partitions. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find these same advantages in many conventional construction designs. Some of the conveniences for demountable partitions include:

  • Versatility: Demountable walls offer an almost effortless installation process. Moreover, it’s also easy to reconfigure the arrangement, if need be, as your business grows and evolves over time.
  • Affordable Upkeep Costs: The panels can be easily cleaned and regular sanitization is simple and undemanding.
  • Pristine Appearance: Your demountable partition system will never require painting. Additionally, it also offers a finished surfacing on either side of every panel, with no fasteners exposed to obstruct its pristine appearance.
  • Durable: The material used to produce demountable walls is rodent-proof, insect-proof, and won’t wane or corrode from the exposure to UV rays. In addition, it’s also a good option for high humidity, rust, salt, and corrosion applications.
  • Effortless Installation: Makes for an easy installation process without the inconveniences produced by conventional construction approaches like drywall smut or the potent stench of paint. This enables the office space to remain functional during the installation of process.


Demountable walls are utilized in many different applications. However, they are most commonly used in commercial settings such as hospitals, medical centres, offices, etc. But they can also be used in almost any facility or space where a demand for a versatile dividing solution is needed. Additionally, demountable partitions systems may be constructed differently based on the application for which they are designed.

For example, office partitions use materials that improve the aesthetics of the workroom. Whereas partitions produced for the demands of more rigorous enviroments (factory floors, industrial facilities, etc), are manufactured for functionality rather than visual appeal.


With a few of the advantages of demountable walls now firmly planted in your mind, it’s helpful to understand why you – as a business owner – should choose these partitions for your office space. Here are a few reasons why you should choose demountable walls for your business:

  • Locally Sourced Materials: Most business owners are aware of how localizing the supply chain can help the environment. When a reduction in shipping and storage occurs, by default, a reduction in both emissions and energy use simultaneously takes place as well. At Alberta Office Furniture, our demountable partitions are made from locally sourced materials that help the environment and build consumer confidence.
  • Can Be Leased or Financed: Not too sure about demountable walls quite yet? Hard-pressed financially? No worries. Demountable walls can be leased or financed. No commitments are necessary. Also, no permits are required for their installation either, which further makes these partitions a valuable and convenient option.
  • More Affordable Than Larger Brands for a Similar Product: At Alberta Office Furniture, our demountable walls are a much more cost-effective alternative to similar products being offered by larger brand names. You get the value without the hefty price tag.
  • Can Be Retained as an Asset: Demountable partitions are assets. Compare this to the typical construction wall consisting of drywall, which holds relatively little monetary value once it has been installed.
  • Can Be Sold to a New Tenant: Because demountable walls can be retained as an asset, you can sell them to new tenants who may need them for their workspace. A great way to bolster profitability while also providing a valuable product to your occupants.