AGA Academy


AGA Academy's office has been thoughtfully designed using wall-Tek demountable walls throughout the entire space. The reception area features the sleek and stylish Outlines Reception desk along with comfortable cameo lounge seating. In the boardroom, we opted for the modern and functional Wit task chairs and cameo lounge chairs. As for the private offices, they are furnished with innovations corner desks, maximizing both functionality and aesthetics.


  • Wall-Tek Demountable Walls: Also known as modular walls, are removable partitions that can be dismantled and moved to other locations without producing any wasteful materials.
  • Outlines Reception desk: Combine posts and panels to span the desired length and add a transaction top where needed.
  • Cameo Lounge: Cameo Lounge pushes the boundaries of traditional design with its daring departure from tufted, boxy, and overly square aesthetics.
  • Innovations office corner desks: The design of Innovations enables effortless expansion or addition of workstations, ensuring a seamless process that aligns with your budget.