Calgary Canada’s Up-and-Coming Business Hub

Calgary: Canada’s Up-and-Coming Business Hub

January 2nd, 2024

Calgary is experiencing a notable shift in its business landscape with the arrival of prominent companies, particularly from the tech an innovation sectors. This change signified a diversification from Calgary’s traditional focus on oil and gas with key players such as Infosys and Amazon Web Service establishing headquarters and setting up shop in the city.

Furthermore, the local tech and innovation scene is witnessing significant growth and acquisitions, further cementing Calgary’s position as a burgeoning hub for these industries. At Alberta Office Furniture in Calgary, we’re taking a look at some of the incredible businesses that have recently chosen to call our beautiful city home.

Making the Move to Calgary

Calgary is home to approximately 1,500 energy businesses but recently, the city has been attracting some major players in other industries, as well. Here are some of the huge companies that have recently made their way into Calgary’s booming business landscape.


Setting up shop in March 2021, Infosys is a multinational information technology company that provides business consulting and outsourcing services.

RBC Innovation Hub

In September 2021, RBC set up its Innovation Hub right here in Calgary, bringing hundreds of jobs to our economy in sectors such as AI, full-stack development, machine learning, data analytics, and data engineering.

Unity Technologies

Unity is a app and toy developer that’s best known for building and releasing Pokemon Go. The company made the move to Calgary in March 2022, bringing with it over 100 job opportunities.

mCloud Technologies Corp.

In late 2022, mCloud Technologies Corp. opened a large office in SE Calgary. This cleantech company is focused on energy management and solutions that reduce emissions.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services plans to open its Canada West computing hub in Calgary early in 2024. The move is expected to bring an estimated 950 jobs to the city.

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